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Team USA (UK) Defeats Canada In Globl Jam Game 2

Kentucky defeated Canada on Thursday evening, arguably the strongest team in the Globl Jam event, by a million in their route to starting 2-0 and earning a rest day before the busy weekend.

Kentucky will face Team Africa on Saturday at 1:30 pm ET., and no matter if they win or lose they will still advance to the Gold Medal Championship game on Sunday at 8:30 pm ET.

In their most impressive win of the trip, four Wildcats found themselves in double-digits and helped create a lot of excitement for the potential of this team. Here are the full stats for you to indulge in.

Antonio Reeves led the way again as he's certifying his veteran presence for this young roster. Another 20-point game has all the fans really happy.

While they don't play any games on Friday, John Calipari did say that they will travel to Drake's mansion since they're close to it. He says that Drake "left him the keys" while he's on tour and allowed them to go stop by. Can't wait to see what images surface from that.

It seems like the guys are having a lot of fun, building chemistry, and taking home a few wins as well. I love having college basketball in July.



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