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Terry Wilson injury update (kind of)

Terry Wilson has missed practice on both Monday and Tuesday due to a hand injury.

He's coming off a slow performance against Missouri, in which he threw for only 35 passing yards and went 3/9 on completions. After multiple of changes between Terry Wilson and Joey Gatewood at quarterback Saturday, the Wildcats went on to lose the game, 20-10.

This afternoon, Mark Stoops was asked what the update was on Terry Wilson injury, and he said that it was indeed a hand injury, and that he could confirm it came from the Missouri game. While he did give us that, he wouldn't clarify if Terry would start or even play versus Georgia this weekend. Stoops says he hasn't yet seen Terry Wilson today because their practice isn't till later this afternoon, so we won't know anymore until after the practice report comes out tonight.

The entire week Joey Gatewood and Beau Allen have been getting 100% of the reps in practice, and the team seems to be taking it day by day.


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