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The Addition of 'Eastern KY Things' by Jordan Hughes

Some news that has been in the works for a little while now has finally reached its time to be announced. I am happy to announce that Cats Coverage has added Jordan Hughes, also known as '@ThingsBBNLikes' on twitter, to its staff.

Jordan Hughes is from Perry County. Jordan is going to be a great addition to CC because he will be shining light on Eastern Kentucky, and all the great things that come from it. The lifestyle, local talent, the greatest places to eat, and funny content from the ones who live there as well.

Jordan has already built quite the platform on his twitter account (@ThingsBBNLikes) in which he highlights Eastern Kentucky and Kentucky Athletics, and we're excited to give him another platform to continue sharing it on.

On the website, there is now a feature called "Eastern KY Things" in which you can follow along on there, as well as, it will be posted across Twitter and Facebook.

A few examples of the type of content that will be brought is the #606FoodBracket, local stories from counties that you won't find elsewhere, and undiscovered talent. Just to mention, Jordan once hosted a hot dog eating contest that got picked up by WYMT... So, many of interesting things that we'd like all of you to be a part of as they come along.

There are great things coming ahead, and we cannot wait to bring them to the site.


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