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The Best, Worst, And Most Likely Record For Kentucky Football

With SEC Media Days in the rearview mirror, talking season is in full swing. Compared to last year, there is not much talk surrounding the Kentucky football team. I would imagine Mark Stoops has preferred this offseason not having to deal with the media hype surrounding Will Levis and not worrying about preseason rankings.

Despite the lack of talk about Kentucky nationally, this team is likely to outperform their 2022 counterparts. Notice the word "likely" in that last sentence. We are all aware things can fall apart quickly. If you're an optimist, you could also say all the right buttons could be pushed. Where will Kentucky fall in that argument? That will be determined on the field, but we can do is look at these different scenarios and see what the worst, best, and most likely record you can expect from Stoops and the crew this season.

Worst Case Scenario: 3-9 (0-8 SEC)

Before you come at me with torches and pitchforks, don't forget that every SEC team is capable of beating Kentucky. Also, the team up I-75 should be much improved as well. The only good thing in this situation is that Kentucky would start 3-0. Following that, the Wildcats must endure eight straight games in conference play before ending the season at Louisville. How exactly does this scenario unfold? It would likely take an early season injury to Devin Leary, leading to an unforeseen collapse.

Best Case Scenario: 10-2 (6-2 SEC)

Obviously, the BEST case scenario is a 12-0 record. I wanted to be somewhat realistic in my thinking behind this. With that, it's hard to imagine the Cats winning in Athens and against the Tide. Reaching 10 wins in the regular season would take Mark Stoops to a whole new level in Kentucky lure. In this scenario, the Wildcats win all their toss ups along with the ones they should be favored to win. You would probably see All-SEC honors for Devin Leary, Barion Brown, Dane Key, Deone Walker, and JJ Weaver if this unfolds. As we know in the Stoops era, the Cats usually beat a team they probably shouldn't beat, but then lose a head scratcher (I'm looking at you, Vandy). Could this be the year Kentucky puts together a complete season? Time will tell.

Most Likely Scenario: 8-4 (4-4 SEC)

As with most things in life, the most realistic outcome lies somewhere in between rock bottom and the top of the mountain. For Kentucky, that would entail splitting their conference games while going undefeated in non-conference play. If you forced me to pick the wins and losses in this scenario, it would look like this:


vs Ball State

vs Akron

vs Eastern Kentucky

at Vanderbilt

vs Florida

vs Missouri

at Mississippi State

at Louisville


at Georgia

vs Tennessee

vs Alabama

at South Carolina

September 2nd is getting closer and closer. Get ready, Big Blue Nation.


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