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The Cats continue to struggle, fall to 1-3.

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

One of the worst games I've ever seen under Cal at Kentucky, and all I know is that I don't want to ever watch something like that again. Ugly basketball that looks like it belongs on a High School JV team during the first week of practice. Completely inexcusable and not on point for the Kentucky Basketball brand.

I'll continue to keep beating the same drum I've been beating all season: Kentucky is beating themselves. Turnovers, no court-vision to open baskets, being out-hustled, the list could go on and on for the amount of mistakes that led to three losses in the first four games of the season. Now I know Kentucky drops a few every fall and they always find their way back towards February/March, but we've not seen anything like this. The world is not ending, and I still believe this team will get it together at some point, but I have no shame in pointing out the major flaws this team has shown so far... So here we go.

Kentucky has 21 turnovers and only 16 assists tonight, putting their season totals at 73 turnovers and 47 assists, in just four games. I actually feel bad about typing that out. Those kind of stats are unheard of. Not to mention, Georgia Tech scrapped up 15 steals and 5 blocks, while Kentucky just managed to get 4 steals and 1 lone block. The stat sheet says it all. If you're confused to as why they lost, numbers never lie.

In the mix of all of this disaster, I will point out a few good things. Terrence Clarke finally showed why Kentucky recruited him, as he went for 22 points, 3 rebounds and 3 assists on 9/14 shooting (3/4 from the three). BJ Boston finished with 11. The thing is it's hard to win games with just two guys. You can't have Olivier Sarr adding to that by only grabbing 3 rebounds and 6 points. Kentucky must take a few days to really come up with a plan, some sort of a system to figure out who needs to be on the court to put us in the best situation for success.

Shockingly, Kentucky falls to 1-3 for the first time since the 2000-01 team, which was two decades ago, and the first John Calipari since his first year at Memphis.

When Kentucky finally turns this thing around, which they will, they don't have much room for mistakes going forward because they've lost a few games that you have to have won.

A disappointing night, full of confusion and frustration. I'm still hanging on, and supporting these guys through the struggle. What's your take?



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