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The KY State Fair Pumpkin Record Has Been Broken

There aren't many things in this world 'more Kentucky' than what you get from the Kentucky State Fair. The experience of the endless southern-cooked food, the laughs from simply just people watching, the concert and amusement park side of it, to the backbone that holds it all together of the agriculture section. Never ending fun that allows you to take the whole damn family along with ya.

The farmers of the Commonwealth were putting in the extra work this spring, and the results (backed by a little luck) are now paying off. Floyd County resident, whose name I went to the ends of the internet to find, and failed miserably (sorry if you're seeing this), broke the State Fair RECORD with his pumpkin weighing in at a whopping 1,663 lbs! Halloween will be a little more exciting for them this year.

What we all just learned today: All participants must pay a $20.00 fee to enter their pumpkin into the contest, and the first place winner will be awarded $500.00.

  • 1st Place: $500

  • 2nd Place:$300

  • 3rd Place:$250

  • 4th Place:$200

  • 5th Place:$150

  • 6th Place:$100

  • 7th Place:$75

  • 8th Place:$75

If the 1st place pumpkin weighs 1,000 lbs or more, the exhibitor will receive a $1.00 per pound for the weight of the pumpkin. This award applies to the 1st Place pumpkin weighing 1,000 pounds and above ONLY. If the largest pumpkin does not weigh 1,000 pounds or more to qualify for the $1.00 per pound, then the largest pumpkin will be awarded $500 for first place.

Commissioner of Agriculture Ryan Quarles poses with the 2021 Pumpkin Contest winner

The 2021 State Fair sure seemed to be quite the event, and I hate that I wasn't there to witness this great history taking place in the Commonwealth.

Full video of the pumpkin weigh-in at the 2021 KY State Fair:


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