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The Kyra Elzy Show Debut: Coach Elzy Speaks On The Season And More

The Kyra Elzy Show had its debut tonight and it was packed with information straight from the source, Coach Elzy herself. Her upbeat and super positive personality was in full display for the 30-minute radio show.

The first topic that was brought up was about the recent Covid outbreak and the fact that they haven't been able to play since December 19th. She was very positive about it and even made it a point that the ENTIRE team would be ready to suit up in tomorrow's game. With Covid being an issue, not only did she have to prepare for upcoming opponents, but she also had to prepare for potential opponents because of games potentially getting cancelled. She talks about how in this long stretch of no games they have worked on rhythm shooting as well as cardio shooting. She explains the importance of her teams being able to hit shots consistently late in games while her players may be tired. Rhythm shots she believes is the reason her team is second in the SEC in field goal percentage, and she wants her team to build on that.

Coach Elzy went to former Kentucky coach, Matthew Mitchell, for some advice about the tough SEC schedule. Mitchell told her that when looking at the SEC schedule to just look at the upcoming one or two games rather than the schedule as a whole. That's because the SEC is so tough that it can be intimidating.

Make sure to tune in January 6th at 6 P.M. CT on the SECN+ to watch the Lady Cats take on #15 Georgia!


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