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The UK Fanbase Rallies And Raises Funds For Collin Goodfellow

This is becoming one of those odd NIL related stories that no one could have expected would have happened when they woke up this morning, nor when NIL first became allowed, but in my opinion, its pretty damn cool.

Colin Goodfellow, graduate student and punter for the University of Kentucky who has punted 32 times this season, found himself in a awkward spot Saturday afternoon when he tried to save a punt that would have cost his team the game if he hadn't reacted the way he did, but with his quick response, it ended up saving the game and maybe even saving the season in terms of the collective attention from the fanbase since basketball season is right around the corner.

An overthrown snap that came just yards away from Missouri gaining possession in their own end zone and likely winning the game, Colin Goodfellow reacted extremely quick and hustled down the field to pick up the ball and attempt to still get the punt off and keep exactly that from happening. The play above shows it to its extent, and Missouri ended up getting a 'roughing the passer' flag in a one-of-a-kind type of play, essentially saving the game for Kentucky but at the same time costing Goodfellow to risk his body for injury, which unfortunately happened and resulted in him being carted off the field and to likely not to return for the rest of the season.

As no one could've expected a game-saving play from Kentucky's special teams today, it came in perfect fashion from a long season of bad special teams play, as a bad snap started the play and catipulted Colin Goodfellow into becoming a hero for the afternoon and throughout the Big Blue Nation world, sparking a movement online.

The UK fan account, 'Mark Stoops Burner', has started a donation chain on Venmo going directly to Colin Goodfellow's account to thank him for his services. The link is getting all kinds of interactions online and many fans have sent what they can to him just moments after the game ended.

Pretty cool to see the power that fans can have on a moment with near immediate impact from when it took place, bringing out the best in the NIL era.


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