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The Wide Receiver Room Is DEEP

With the departure of Wan'Dale Robinson this summer, the wide receiving room had a hefty job of filling in the production that was all of a sudden gone once the draft (and graduation - Josh Ali) came. New names like Tayvion Robinson, along with other former names that will finally start seeing a lot of field time this season in guys like Dane Key, Chauncey Magwood, Dekel Crowdus, DeMarcus Harris, Rahsaan Lewis and Chris Lewis in some type of orderly fashion.

What we do know

  • It's pretty much all but set in stone that the top two options that Levis will look for when slinging the pigskin will be Dane Key and Tayvion Robinson. With the veteran experience Tayvion brings to the team, and the brand new and very promising addition of Dane Key, I look for those two to attempt to replace what we saw from Wan'Dale last season.

  • Dekel Crowdus told me he was "100% back" after recovering from his injury last season and that he is more ready than ever to contribute this year.

  • Tayvion Robinson has had a great connection with Will Levis since arriving and can't wait to play in front of the fans. He seems really happy to be here.

What we don't know

  • What other names behind Tayvion Robinson and Dane Key will rise to the top in Rich Scangarello's offense. The players said that Rahsaan Lewis has been very impressive this summer, as well as, they like what they're seeing in Tae Tae Crumes. I, personally, expect to see Dekel Crowdus make the most of his opportunities once he gets them. It was thought that he could get limited minutes last year but due to his injury, of course, that didn't happen.

  • Also, Chris Lewis could possibly start but I'm not entirely sure just yet. Either way he'll play quite a bit this season

Will Levis talked about the outlook on the receiving core this year and what he expects from the position group. "I think they saw the opportunities with the hole that was left last year of the guys that went on and the lack of experience we had, they just knew they were going to compete and have opportunities to show that they are going to be players for us, but, other than that, what I have seen most impressed of has been just coach Woody's and the whole rooms ability to kind of just learn from each other and buy into the whole teams philosophy and not really get too competitive, and just use it as motivation to get each of themselves better as players which I have really appreciated. We got guys across the board and I really like our depth at the position."

It seems like the 180 turn-around from just two seasons ago in this part of the offense is now paying dividends in ways that result in getting more receiving options that want to come play here and this season we will finally get to see the full version of what a more broader option of a passing game our team can really have.

The more they succeed this year, the more we will have guys like Tayvion Robinson who want to transfer here, high school receivers who want to commit here and quarterbacks that want to come throw here.

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