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These Two Nearly Jumped Through The Roof At BBM

Kentucky's Big Blue Madness was a sight to see. The Dunk Contest showcased two freak athletes in Jacob Toppin and Kareem Watkins. They both can jump with anyone in college basketball and you won't convince me otherwise.

You've seen Jacob Toppin do some impressive things last season when he found himself in the air. The put-back dunk in Knoxville replays in my head almost daily. Fans already knew he had some serious hang time, but you'd be lying if you said his dunks at BBM didn't make your jaw drop.

Kentucky's other bunny on the team disguised as a human was 5'8 Kareem Watkins. Yes, he's NOT EVEN six foot. Crazy. I want to almost say his dunk was more impressive because his vertical has to be at least 13 inches higher than 6'9 Jacob Toppin's.

Kentucky has two freak athletes, one who will play some serious minutes this season - and who I personally have as Kentucky's biggest breakout player this season.


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