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TV Details Surrounding GLOBL JAM Event

After weeks of discussing with friends and colleagues of mine about how fans were going to be able to watch Kentucky’s basketball games next week, it looks that we have finally gotten a clear answer. The GLOBL JAM event taking place in Toronto, Canada had it’s broadcasting rights owned by SportsNet prior to this afternoon, but as of today, it looks like they’ve reached an agreement with CBS Sports.

As Kentucky represents Team USA in the event, they’ll have three guaranteed games to play in dating between July 12-15th. If they advance to the Gold Medal Game (championship), then they’ll play on the 16th. Here’s the full schedule for the trip.

July 12: Team USA (UK) vs. Germany at 1:30 pm ET.

July 13: Team USA (UK) vs. Canada at 8:00 pm ET.

July 15: Team USA (UK) vs. Team Africa at 1:30 pm ET.

July 16: Gold Medal Game at 8:00 pm ET.

The entire event has been picked up by CBS Sports, making it available to the public and putting its reach much further. More importantly, it’s free. The fact that Kentucky has been chosen to represent the country from the landscape of college basketball is such a huge honor and I don’t think people will truly realize just how big of a deal it is until they see the team suit up in a USA version of Kentucky’s jersey. Duke, North Carolina, Kansas, none of them were chosen - Kentucky was. You best believe I’m going to make sure those other fanbases realize that.

While we use to get summer college basketball from Kentucky once every four years for the international trip to the Bahamas, it’s great that we get it again in back-to-back years. I love the idea of summer college basketball even if it is for just a handful of games.

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