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Two coaches have been let go from Kentucky's coaching staff

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Sunday morning news broke that many were expecting to come for quite some time now, that UK's Offensive Coordinator Eddie Gran has been let go from the coaching staff.

Barely even 12 hours after the last game of the regular season, it appears Kentucky is getting an early start on rebuilding the staff on the offensive side of the ball.

Kentucky's Quarterback Coach Darin Hinshaw has also been let go in this process. It doesn't surprise me at all that this happened, after Kentucky only averaged 124.4 passing yards this season which ranks as the 121st worst offense in the country, including only throwing 7 total touchdowns being backed up by 5 interceptions. The Wildcats only averaged 311.8 yards of total offense this season, which ranks as the 117th worst team in the country.

This has been a plan in the making I believe for quite sometime, and today's finally the day it happens as it looks like Terry Wilson is on his way out and Kentucky plans to redesign their whole offensive staff, as they attempt to build for the future around Beau Allen.

It's being reported that no coaches have been selected yet to replace Eddie Gran at Offensive Coordinator, but that Mark Stoops is taking a "wide search" for a coach that will "open up the offense," per Matt Jones.


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