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TyTy Washington Has His Own Signature Meal

TyTy Washington is at it again with a freshly inked NIL deal. This one comes from the Lexington founded, fast food pasta franchise, Fazoli’s.

I know it’s like beating a dead horse when I say this, but in all seriousness, TyTy is absolutely DOMINATING the NIL deals. He’s gotten deals from Porsche, Gatorade, a Caviar company, now a major fast food franchise in Fazoli’s!

Now if only the University of Kentucky could set something up with Fazoli’s where if TyTy scored 20 points in a game, UK fans would get a free order of bread sticks or something, I would be all in for that!

If you’re a fan of Italian cuisine, the next time you go to Fazoli’s go give the 'TyTy Trio' a try, which includes his favorites of chicken fettuccine alfredo, two breadsticks, and a half and half sweet tea and lemonade (Arnold Palmer).



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