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TyTy Washington Exits Florida Game With Lower Leg Injury

The injury bug continues to bother this Kentucky team, and TyTy has become the victim once more.

Freshman guard, TyTy Washington, exited Saturday's game versus Florida after having his leg landed on by Gator Kowacie Reeves. After a quick moment of holding his leg and laying on the ground, it was obvious he knew he was injured pretty bad and he found a way to jump up and quickly limp towards the locker room to get checked on by the training staff.

TyTy Washington would not return for the rest of the game. The Cats went on to win by 21.

In the postgame press conference, John Calipari was asked for an update on the injury. "If it looked serious, I would say 'Wow.' He still could be out a week or two, who knows." So that statement there shows that the staff doesn't initially believe it's as serious as it might've looked on TV, but things could change once the staff gets more time to check it out.

Kentucky has only played in 12 (of their 25) games this season at full strength, which isn't even accounting for CJ Fredrick not playing this year.

TyTy Washington last went out in the Auburn game to a lower ankle injury, which sidelined him for the following game versus Mississippi State and limited him some against Kansas. It seemed that he was finally back to a healthy leg this afternoon and then this happens. Hate that for the kid. We'll know more as next week approaches.



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