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TyTy Washington Update As UK Approaches Kansas

TyTy Washington suffered from an ankle injury in Kentucky's last road game against No. 2 Auburn, down in Reed Arena.

The injury would exclude him from Tuesday's matchup against the Mississippi State Bulldogs, in which the Wildcats still found a way to win.

John Calipari was asked if he could provide an update on TyTy, and if he would be ready to play when Kentucky travels to Kansas this Saturday. He responded, "I looked at TyTy [Washington] and had said, ‘Do you think you're going to play this month?’ And that was about it. I didn't ask him what hurt or what happened. I'm not the trainer. I don't do it. I leave it and they will tell me later what the deal is. So, I don't. In other words, I don't know." As you can usually guarantee, no real update on TyTy from our Head Coach. I'm just surprised he didn't use his go-to of "I haven't seen him." Then continuing with something rambled off the top of his head, asking if he even lives in this state anymore or a response to the same extent. I'm not sure why he has to make a joke of these things, and try to hide it from us. We just want to know, it's not like we're going to sell it to the FBI or the other team - it's not that big of a deal, John.

Anyways, thankfully we had Oscar to rely on for an update on his fellow teammate. "I’m pretty sure TyTy is gonna be with us at Kansas. We’re gonna be ready.” So if anything, that's really good news. I just hope he's close to 100%, because it sure would be awful to drag him out there and watch him re-injure himself. We need him at 100% to take on Kansas and maybe we will feel more confident about him as the week goes on.

TyTy has three full days plus Saturday morning to rehab and prepare for the Jayhawks.

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