UK Fined $250,000 For Fans Storming The Field

If you were within a square mile of Kroger Field Saturday night, you know it was MADNESS.

After Kentucky took down No. 10 Florida for its first time (in Lexington) since 1986, fans hopped the walls and rushed onto the field to celebrate with the team.

The University was fined $250,000 for 'allowing' it to happen, like they could do anything about it when near 60,000 fans bombard the turf but whatever. To be fair, the police working the game did all line up near half the field in preparation for it, but it did absolutely nothing for stopping it from happening, and I believe most of them just let it happen once they realized it was too far gone.

I don't think anyone cared one bit about the fine, and would do it again ten times over for wins of that caliber.