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UK Football Offers Two Middle Schoolers

Yes, you read that correctly. Kentucky Football has offered two middle schoolers to spend their collegiate career at the University of Kentucky.

Seventh graders, Ja’Hyde Brown and Sekou Kamara, who play for the Louisville (KY) Chargers, received offers after coaches seen their play on the field... and online.

Ja'Hyde and Sekou have both racked up tens of thousands of views from their highlights on Youtube, with Ja'Hyde having two videos get hundreds of thousands of views.

The two viral and elite talents from the city of Louisville, train at Aspirations Gym - the same facility where Wan'Dale Robinson, Kiyaunta Goodwin and Rondale Moore (just to name a few) have trained at.

Kentucky making their presence known this early was a good PR move, but also a smart decision on establishing a relationship with two players who look to have a bright future ahead of themselves, and continuing their recruiting success by locking up the city of Lousivlle - no matter what the age.

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