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UK Football On The Verge Of Upgrading Training Facility

The University of Kentucky Athletics Committee met today with the agenda of addressing three of Mark Stoops' biggest concerns with the program. Those being an indoor-only training facility (something Stoops has been wanting for quite some time now), improving the other Athletics Facility (Nutter Fieldhouse), and improving Kroger Field with an audiovisual facelift.

Mark Stoops has voiced his opinions several times on how he has wanted an indoor-only facility instead of having to use Nutter Fieldhouse which has a track inside which limits the amount of room the team has to practice. In regards to the audio updates to Kroger Field, I'm not for certain what they plan on doing to fix the lackluster sound system but it is time for an update.

The entire Board of Trustees meets tomorrow and if this goes through like it is expected to, the university (along with Mitch Barnhart) are saying that they are all in on Mark Stoops' requests. Stoops will be going on his tenth season next year at Kentucky and what he has built here in Lexington is beyond incredible. So, of course you give him what he asks for.

The renovations look to cost around $30 million, broke down by $20 million going to build a new indoor track facility in a separate location, allowing Nutter Fieldhouse to remove the track that’s already there. It will cost roughly $5 million to extend the field in place of the track as a football only facility, and the last $5 million to go towards renovations inside Kroger Field.

Kentucky has done a great job of doing what it takes by opening up the wallet to keep their coaches happy and this is just another step in the right direction to help Mark Stoops improve on an already stellar program.

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