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UK has filed for an immediate eligibility request for transfer Jacob Toppin

Jacob Toppin transferred to Kentucky back in April from Rhode Island, and Kentucky's original plan was to let him sit out for his first season in Lexington as a redshirt transfer, to ultimately let him 'get a feel' for the program.

Well, so we thought.. This morning UK made an announcement that they have decided to also file a waiver request to grant Jacob Toppin immediate eligibility alongside hopeful Olivier Sarr. “UK added Wake Forest forward Olivier Sarr, Creighton guard Davion Mintz and Rhode Island forward Jacob Toppin. Mintz will have immediate eligibility as a graduate transfer. Sarr, a senior, and Toppin, who will be a sophomore, are currently ineligible for the 2020-21 season due to transfer rules, although waivers have been sent for immediate eligibility for both.”

So there you have it, we now are on Jacob Toppin watch as we anxiously wait to see if he will get approved. Just more news across the table that lies in the NCAA's hands.

In a normal year, a player would have tp sit out a season before they can become eligible at another program. Due to the pandemic, it's believed that the NCAA's Basketball Oversight Committee is likely to recommend the Division I Council that winter sport athletes need to receive an additional year of eligibility. If that gets passed, which many believe it is going to, Jacob Toppin will become eligible, as well as pretty much every winter sport athlete (Men & Women's Basketball, Men & Women's Ice Hockey, Rifle) in the country.

Jacob Toppin averaged 5.1 points and 3.9 rebounds as a freshman last season, helping Rhode Island finish with a 21-9 record. When Toppin first transferred to Kentucky, John Calipari said, "Jacob wanted this challenge and wanted to be here. He understands what this culture is and what it isn't. He's talented, athletic and can shoot, plus he's a terrific student and young man. He's going to be an important part of this program. I can't wait to coach him." He went on to say, "I'm really excited about the addition of Jacob. Not only is he a great athlete, he's a tremendous kid. He has some experience, but he's only scratched the surface of how good he can be. My hope is our culture brings out the best in him."

Now we wait to hear back from the NCAA.

While you wait, check out Jacob Toppin's highlights from last season.



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