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UK Is Looking For More Blue Coat Workers

(Picture via The Athletic)

One of the most infamous jobs in the entire Commonwealth, a Rupp Arena/Kroger Field (and every other UK sport) "blue coat" that you see at all the home games, helping you find your seats, monitoring the bleachers and owning one of the closest views to the game of anyone, are looking for more help!

The voice of the Wildcats, Tom Leach, took to social media this week to make the announcement for the Committee of 101 Club, sending out the news that they need more volunteers next season.

Most Kentucky fans who roll over into the blue coat world never stop doing it. All of them that you see at each game continue their efforts year in and year out, with the biggest smiles and joy on their faces. And after you've done it for forty years or more, you’re considered a “life member,” so that's cool too. The ones I've came across in my experiences seem to truly love every second of it and maybe you would too if you applied. If you get to be that close to the UK game, how could you not enjoy it? I can nearly guarantee you that the day I get out of the media world and wrap up my working career, you'll see me inside Rupp Arena 'holding down the fort' as I get essentially front row seats to every home game. Yeah you'll be working, but it's easy tasks and couldn't hardly feel like much labor considering the environment you'd be in.

If you find yourself interested joining the blue coats force in its 56th season this year, you can email the Committee of 101 Club at to apply.



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