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UK Pro Day Recap

Nutter Field House was filled to the brim today as Kentucky hosted UK Pro Day for scouts of all 32 NFL teams. There were 11 Cats at the event, but Josh Ali did not participate as he is still healing from injury, and it is important to note that not every player participated in every event.

Those participating included former Kentucky quarterback Terry Wilson, who transferred to the New Mexico Lobos for his final year of eligibility. The list of participating Kentucky players and their measurements are as follows:

  • Yusuf Corker, 6'0" 199 LBs

  • Luke Fortner, 6'6" 304 LBs

  • Darian Kinnard, 6'5" 328 LBs

  • Marquan McCall, 6'2" 354 LBs

  • Quandre Mosely, 6'2" 192 LBs

  • Josh Paschal, 6'2" 270 LBs

  • Justin Rigg, 6'5" 259 LBs

  • Wan'Dale Robinson, 5'8" 179 LBs

  • Dare Rosenthal, 6'6" 306 LBs

  • Terry Wilson, 6'2" 207 LBs

Next, the athletes tested their verticals. The top 3 verticals were

  1. Quandre Mosely - 37"

  2. Wan'Dale Robinson - 35"

  3. Yusuf Corker - 34.5"

Next, 6 of the participants got some bench press reps (225) to showcase their strength:

  • Wan'Dale Robinson (19)

  • Luke Fortner (31)

  • Josh Paschal (30)

  • Marquan McCall (26)

  • Justin Rigg (15)

  • Darian Kinnard (20)

Four Cats attempted the 40 yard dash, including a VERY hungry Quandre Mosely. After evaluating Mosely's overall numbers, there seemed to be a lot of eyes from NFL scouts on him. The unofficial 40 yard dash times were

  • Yusuf Corker (4.45)

  • Marquan McCall (5.26)

  • Quandre Mosely (4.32)

  • Terry Wilson (4.52)

The group of participants then split into groups, and I made my way toward the Big Blue Wall to see how their drills were going:

Next, Terry Wilson was side by side with current quarterback Will Levis to alternate throwing to receivers running routes. While seeing a Terry Wilson/Wan'Dale Robinson combo was a first for the public to see, it left me wondering what could've been if Robinson hadn't committed to Nebraska.

Final Takeaways

  1. Invest in Quandre Mosely. I cannot stress this enough, Mosely put on a hell of a show Friday and deserves all of the attention he gets. Mosely showed athleticism that simply cannot be coached, and a mental toughness to in fact be coached.

  2. Terry Wilson should be remembered as a Wildcat. Look, it's no secret that Touchdown Terry had his ups and downs as a Wildcat, however it is very easy to forget that Wilson had plenty of receivers that simply could not get open or hold onto the ball when they were open and an offense that was centered around running backs with great offensive lines. Wilson was not the greatest traditionally sound pocket quarterback, but played with heart. Friday, he still showed flashes but did struggle overthrowing receivers, however he still showcased his allusiveness. Kentucky did a great job at welcoming Wilson back, because he did so much for the program.

  3. Luke Fortner is an underrated lineman that can play several years in the NFL. Fortner's footwork and ability to play at right guard or center on a given play is impressive even for NFL standards.

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