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UK Pro Day scheduled for November 12th

Kentucky's annual Pro Day, which is held on campus and attracts multiple scouts from every NBA franchise, has been scheduled for November 12th.

The annual 'flex on every program that further proves we're literally an NBA factory,' will be televised on the SEC Network at 9 pm.

For the last six seasons that Kentucky has held this, all 30 NBA teams were represented in-person. Due to covid concerns, professional scouts and general managers will be restricted from attending in person this year. This won't be a huge issue as teams will still have access through Zoom and/or the SEC Network broadcast.

The televised 90-minute Pro Day will provided all 30 NBA teams an exclusive feed of the combine-like practice conducted by Kentucky coaches and staff. Coaches and staff will direct players through various agility and shooting drills in addition to 3-on-3 and 5-on-5 scrimmaging.

Be prepared for another year of amazement as we break down the freak athleticism of this years roster.



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