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UK Ranks #10 In Initial AP Poll

Photo Credit: Tres Terrell

Following the worst season in the history of the program, the Cats finally have a clean slate in the newest rankings, as we start the season ranked 10th in the country. This makes us the highest ranked team in the SEC above #14 Alabama, #16 Arkansas, #18 Tennessee, and #22 Auburn. Last year's runner up, Gonzaga, headlines the list at #1.

Kentucky is consistently one of the hardest teams to give a preseason rank to every year due to the extreme roster turnover and unproven talent. However, this year, the Cats have a stronger floor to their ranking as Coach Cal has filled the roster with veterans who have already demonstrated they can play at the collegiate level. Some of these players consist of last year's leading scorer, Davion Mintz, All-SEC point guard, Sahvir Wheeler, and 2,000 point collegiate career scorer, Kellan Grady.

Kentucky will have the chance to immediately move up even higher as our opening game of the season comes against #9 Duke in a neutral site game at Madison Square Garden. Kentucky will also take on #3 Kansas and #17 Ohio State in their out of conference schedule.

The full list below:

  1. Gonzaga

  2. UCLA

  3. Kansas

  4. Villanova

  5. Texas

  6. Michigan

  7. Purdue

  8. Baylor

  9. Duke

  10. Kentucky

  11. Illinois

  12. Memphis

  13. Oregon

  14. Alabama

  15. Houston

  16. Arkansas

  17. Ohio State

  18. Tennessee

  19. North Carolina

  20. Florida State

  21. Maryland

  22. Auburn

  23. St. Bonaventure

  24. UCONN

  25. Virginia


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