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UK Releases Week 1 Depth Chart

It's officially game week in the bluegrass. In just 5 days, Kentucky will travel down to Auburn for Game 1 against the Tigers.

This morning Mark Stoops met with the media, while UK released its Week 1 depth chart.

Something notable was with the major concern around the quarterback position. It's obvious Terry Wilson is QB1, but it's the concern on if Joey Gatewood will be eligible if Kentucky needs him. Mark Stoops said he still doesn't have an answer on Gatewoods eligibility. "No word," say Stoops. He followed up that there is not a gentleman's agreement between UK-Auburn as previously rumored, and that he's just waiting on the SEC to approve his waiver. With that being the case, Kentucky has listed Beau Allen as the backup QB for Week 1.

A cool little addition to this season will also be that Kentucky has decided to choose one player each week to wear Chris Oats' jersey number to show support to him not being able to be there. Throughout the offseason, Chris Oats went through a serious medical condition that has been kept quiet ever since the news came out. Only people involved with the program know what's going on, and they're adamant on keeping the news in house. DeAndre Square will wear Chris Oats' jersey number (#22) for the Auburn game.

Mark Stoops says they will have 82 players ready for the game with a rapid test coming on Friday. They'll need more than usual throughout the entire season due to Covid concerns.

These are just a few takeaways that I had upon my first glance at the chart. What are your concerns or thoughts?


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