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UK Releases Week 1 Depth Chart

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Kentucky will begin the 2021 season in just 5 days, where they'll look to pick up right where they left off, coming off a Taxslayer Gator Bowl win against North Carolina State.

Nothing too eye-catchy from the first depth chart of the season, where in most years we'd be waiting to see the QB listed at No.1, or which players might be moving up from the season before. Thankfully, this summer a lot has already been addressed, stamped and sealed. Very few secrets being kept this go-around.

UK announced that at the WR (Z) position, the depth chart has been listed wrong, and that Isaiah Epps is #1, and DeMarcus Harris at #2 in place of Chauncey Magwood.

Moves of interest:

- Eli Cox named No.1 Right Guard, with Jager Burton listed at No.2

- Jacquez Jones or Trevin Wallace at MLB

- Rahsaan Lewis listed in the first rotation at WR

- Abule Abadi-Fitzgerald listed as starter at DT

- Wilson Berry or Colin Goodfellow at Punter

Kentucky will also start 10 seniors on defense.

Note, none of six players facing legal charges (Vito Tisdale, Reuben "RJ" Adams, Robert "Jutahn" McClain, Andreu Phillips, Earnest Sanders and Joel Williams ) are on the depth chart.

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