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UK Reveals New Unis For Bahamas Trip

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

What a long 7 years. The last time Kentucky Basketball played with non-checkerboard uniforms, Tyler Ulis was our starting point guard. Let’s all rejoice and savor this moment.

As many people online seems to agree, it seems the white jerseys will be the heavy favorites for this trip. After that, debating for what's second between the remaining, it is different for everybody. Some like the blue over the black and vice versa. I think we're all just happy to finally have 'alternate' jerseys even if it is just for a week.

I know we are all ready to see this squad ball out, especially in fresh uniforms, but what sticks out the most is Cal’s swagger as of late. From recruiting like it’s 2014 or calling Mark Few a pretty boy, it seems to me the St. Peters loss has woken him up.

The last two times we went to the Bahamas, we went to a Final Four and Elite 8 (2015, 2019). Both of those teams had a combination of key players returning along with stud freshmen, which resembles this team a lot.

It just feels different this off season. It seems the team is hungry... hungrier than usual. So does the coaching staff. It can’t get any worse than the way last season ended so they must be. With the National Player of the Year returning to lead this team, with the new pieces we have added, I really like my team. Go Cats.



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