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UKMBB's Offseason Roster Decisions

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

As a Kentucky fan, you're use to an absolute 180 of the roster throughout the summer and come August having to learn new faces and new names as you watch the once-were Wildcats exit and find their paths post Kentucky. News is constantly breaking and it can be a lot to keep up with - trust me, we know - so we've created a list that tracks all the movement and it will be updated accordingly. Here is the status' as of today.

Jacob Toppin - Entering NBA Draft

CJ Fredrick - Entered the transfer portal - Cincinnati

Sahvir Wheeler - Entered transfer portal - Washington

Adou Thiero - Returning for sophomore season

Daimion Collins - Entered transfer portal

Antonio Reeves - Entering NBA Draft (testing)

Grant Darbyshire - Returning for sophomore season

Walker Horn - Returning for sophomore season

Brennan Canada - Returning for fifth year

Cason Wallace - Entering NBA Draft

Chris Livingston - Entering NBA Draft (testing)

Kareem Watkins - Returning for senior season

Ugonna Onyenso - Returning for sophomore season

Oscar Tshiebwe - Entering NBA Draft (testing)

Lance Ware - Entered transfer portal

While Adou Thiero, Grant Darbyshire (walk-on), Walker Horn (walk-on), and Kareem Watkins (walk-on) have not made announcements either way, I put what is their most likely route as of this afternoon. The consensus is that they all are expected to be here next year with nothing suggesting otherwise.

Antonio Reeves is very likely to return for a final year as well, per reports. Oscar becomes more likely by the day. Neither of the two have made official announcements yet.

Players that are testing the draft waters will have until May 31st to let their school know if they plan to return or stay in the NBA Draft.


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