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UNC Transfer Keeshawn Silver Impresses On Day One

Mark Stoops and his staff wasted little time finding a replacement for Justin Rogers following his transfer to Auburn. Kentucky was able to snag a former five-star recruit in North Carolina's Keeshawn Silver. The former Tar Heel is a monster of a man, coming into spring practice at 6'5", 330 pounds. We're only a few hours into Spring ball, but it seems like the investment in Silver is already paying off.

What exactly is the most exciting part about him in the lineup? Imagine that big of a build next to the likes of Deone Walker. Coach Stoops made this exact point in his opening press conference earlier today, stating that the defensive front has some "big dudes" on it. In the SEC, size can only get you so far. But I believe Silver's athleticism leaves a lot to be excited about as his career here is just beginning. As we have seen in the past, players on the defensive line usually add muscle, lose fat, and gain athleticism in their time at Kentucky. Octavious Oxendine is a perfect example of this. With Deone Walker entering his second year, he will likely take a similar stride. Imagine these three guys being in the same defensive line room. Pretty exciting, right?

It was very obvious in his presser that Stoops is excited about what the future hold regarding Silver. Given his elite defensive mind, when Mark is praising a guy on just day one of him being in uniform it likely means that guy will turn out pretty good. Or, as Stoops put it, he will be "pretty damn good" here.

Is it September yet??


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