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Understanding The BBN Meltdown

If you have had any type of internet access this afternoon, you've seen the meltdown that Kentucky Twitter has had over a comment made by basketball head coach John Calipari. An article was put out by a reporter covering the team in the Bahamas, with a very misleading quote, which sent the fanbase into shambles.

"This is a basketball school. Alabama is a football school. So is Georgia. No disrespect to our football team. I hope they win 10 games and go to bowls. But this is a basketball school," said the headlines from Kyle Tucker's post.

Well, that lit a match across the bird app (how could it not?) because fans often don't venture past headlines and deep into articles, especially ones with paywalls, which results into even further limits of eyes not receiving the full context of the quote, but, this is modern day media and unfortunately it happens sometimes.

Once posted, next thing we know is the football coaching staff and current/former players are on Twitter defending their respective side, rightfully so, after likely just seeing the headline only like the majority of the fanbase did.

There were a lot more direct comments before writing this article from some former players that have since been taken down that were more defensive than what's linked here, which was probably for the best. But, by all means, the football side had their right to take up for their beliefs, especially when they're going off a headline that appears to be a jab at them.

After actual video finally surfaced the internet, giving the quotes by Calipari a little more context, it didn't seem near as bad as what it was originally made out to be, and in my opinion, helps understand what he said a little bit more.

John Calipari was doubling-down that the University of Kentucky is a basketball school, and historically it is, and that he believes the school needs to continue upgrading their facilities so that they are at the top of the top even if the facilities aren't but a decade or so out of date. Yeah, over the last five season the football program has had a lot more success, but in the grand scheme of the past century, those five years don't outweigh the basketball success of that length to put Kentucky basketball in second place.

To be fair, this isn't a competition between the programs, we're all on the same team. Both can have great success at the same time, and John Calipari is in full support of that. "...Don't disrespect -- our football team, I hope they win games, and 10 games and go to bowls, at the end of the day that makes my job easier, it makes the jobs of all of us easier, but this is a basketball school. And so we need to keep moving in that direction and keep doing what we're doing," said Calipari on the back half of his statement.

I do not believe this was a shot at the football team because why would he do that? And two, if he truly felt that way he would know what a comment like that would do to this fanbase - as we witnessed this afternoon first hand - and it would have never made it out to the media or the public. But, he doesn't feel that way. He's promoted for the success of all the school's programs for the last 13 years and definitely has no plans of taking the opposing path right now, miles deep into the Bahamas after beating a professional team by 52 points and willing back the fanbase who are still upset with him after last seasons postseason run.

This is where clickbait can stir the pot and reporting needs to be given its entirety of effort. Today was a sucky day to be a Kentucky fan, but after I put the actual video out, the response from fans seemed to be more understanding on the situation.

With the circus that took place online, we'll likely get an apology tweet or video from John Calipari addressing fans and expressing that his quote was taken out of context and that's not what he meant at all. Until then, remember that Kentucky has game tonight and we should all be excited.


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