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Cats Coverage Predictions: Kentucky Versus Mississippi State

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

After a loss to South Carolina, the Kentucky Wildcats are looking to bounce back after consecutive losses. The Wildcats are 4-2 and are getting ready for a matchup against the 5-1 Mississippi State Bulldogs on Saturday night.

The big story surrounding this game is the return of quarterback Will Levis. The Wildcats signal caller missed the South Carolina game with an ankle injury, forcing Kaiya Sheron into duty. Reports seem to indicate that Levis has practiced all week and will return to action against the Bulldogs.

In this series, recent history has shown that the home team has the upper hand. Since the game is in Lexington, I see a Kentucky victory. Here is how the rest of Cats Coverage staff sees it:

Braden Nevius

Kentucky - 30

Mississippi State - 38

Tres Terrell

Kentucky - 28

Mississippi State - 21

Matt Sak

Kentucky - 28

Mississippi State - 27

Janson Hoskins

Kentucky - 28

Mississippi State - 31

Jordan Mathus

Kentucky - 27

Mississippi State - 41

J.R. Simpson

Kentucky - 31

Mississippi State - 27


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