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Vanderbilt Homecoming For Ray Davis

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Ray Davis has the upcoming game against Vanderbilt circled on his calendar and it's for a good reason.

He played his junior and senior seasons as a Commodore before transferring to Kentucky this past offseason. Davis also played a huge role in handing Kentucky a loss last season as he managed to rush for 129 yards and 1 touchdown on just 26 carries, right here on Kroger Field. He also managed to rush for 1,042 total yards last season which ranks ninth all-time for the Vanderbilt Commodores and it was only the tenth time in the school's history that someone earned a 1,000-yard rushing season. Yeah, he's royalty within that program.

When Davis was asked about the upcoming matchup against his former team, this is what he had to say. "It's not Ray Davis versus Vanderbilt, it's Kentucky Football versus Vanderbilt. That's the mindset that I am trying to have and just attack it as a normal game."

When asked if he was excited to go back to play in Nashville or if he had any weird emotions about it taking place, he said, "The stadium doesn't look like the stadium that I am used to playing in, so it will definitely look a little different. It will be emotional but at the end of the day I am trying to get a win for my team. I don't play for Vanderbilt anymore, I play for Kentucky and that is all that matters."

Ray hit the nail on the head there. With all of the construction going on at FirstBank Stadium, both the players and the fans will be in for an interesting football experience this coming Saturday as the Wildcats head to the state of Tennessee. Ray Davis was also asked what the coaching staff has said in regard to the construction, and it doesn't seem like they are too worried about it at all. "I think Coach Stoops brought it up for maybe 10 seconds, and he said it's unfortunate but they still have a turf so we can still play football and that's all that matters. He said to not let it distract us and just go out and do what we can control and that's play football."

When scouting the opponent, the former commodore was able to provide all the insight on who to look out for in game four. "A lot of those guys are still my friends to this day, but definitely CJ Taylor (Linebacker). He's a heck of a player and he is going to give you 110% no matter what. The same goes for Nate Clifton (Defensive Lineman) and De'Rickey Wright (Safety). They have some really good players, you have to give them their respect as a defense."

As their former teammate, Ray Davis understands what it was like to go up against them during practices. "It's not to knock at them, but we have always said what if? What if this was a live scrimmage? What if I could actually tackle Ray? So, we finally get to answer the what-ifs. After Saturday we will see who the best man wins. They will finally have the ability to tackle me."

If you are interested in the full post-practice presser from Ray Davis you can watch it below.

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