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Wan’Dale Robinson Isn’t Phased By His ‘Injury’

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

A few days before the South Carolina game last weekend, word got around that Kentucky star Wan’Dale Robinson was alleged to have a hamstring injury, with the chance to not even suit up for the battle down in Columbia.

Less than two hours before kick-off, news broke that Robinson would be ready to go with limited snaps, and was later seen during warm-ups as normal.

The truth came through, and the receiver played the full game with no distinct injury, going for 65 yards off of just seven receptions. While those stats were lower than usual for Wan’Dale, I don’t see that as he was held back (from so injury) but more of the case that the offense didn’t do a whole lot anyways, as nine of their 16 points came from Matt Ruffolo’s leg.

On Tuesday afternoon, Robinson jumped on the ‘Pin It Deep’ podcast on the KSR Network, hosted by former Wildcats Max Duffy and Miles Butler to discuss his situation.

When asked, Robinson said, “I don’t think it will be a lingering problem. I was just a little tight and just didn’t feel all the way there. Just wanted to make sure I was taking all of the precautions that I needed to to make sure that I was good on Saturday. I felt fine, I felt 100 percent.”

The crew followed up with what his status will be this weekend against the No. 9 Florida Gators, and he said with great confidence, “I promise you, unless something’s broken, I’ll be out there playing.”

Good news confirming that if there was a problem that it’s not much of a concern, and we’ll have one of our biggest weapons still loaded from here on out.


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