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WATCH: Adou Thiero Pre-GLOBL JAM Presser

Kentucky tips off in Canada just a week from today and prior to Thiero's first trip to Canada ever, he sat down in front of media today to discuss a multitude of topics including his struggles last season, adding weight and blending the freshmen with the talent that was already committed to be back.

When the 6'7" guard was asked what goals he was determined to achieve in Canada, his answer was simple- "win." Thiero then transitioned by saying the things he has worked on considerably this offseason included trying to use his body more, a feat equipped with adding on near 30 pounds of muscle. "I've been trying to use my body more to get into the paint, create for myself, create for others. Or, just, get rebounds. Rebounds are important to get us more possessions and to cut the other teams' possessions down."

Talking to Adou, DJ Wagner and Reed Sheppard today, I got the sense that this team is going to be full of competitive guys willing to challenge each other, including the freshmen. When asked specifically about the younger Wildcats, Thiero responded with veteran-like answer that will get the BBN ready for the newest batch of stars. "They compete. They always want to win. They're practicing, playing 5-on-5 the score's going on the board, and everyone's getting mad. like, 'guard your man.' Everyone, it's just a lot of competing."

Today's interview with Adou Thiero and the other Wildcats can be accessed on our YouTube channel, or you can watch below. Make sure to subscribe to insure you don't miss a moment of content!



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