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WATCH: Chris Mack fires back at Kentucky

Kentucky and Louisville have been going back and forth for a few weeks now trying to schedule the annual basketball rivalry game with each other.

While the coronavirus pushed the season back by over a month, it jacked up the entire schedule for all of college basketball. Kentucky has completed almost their entire schedule for this season, with the exception of what some people consider the most important game of the year, versus Louisville.

It really started with Chris Mack coming out with a statement on Louisville Head Coach Chris Mack was a guest on the “Full Court Press with Fanta and Adams," where he was asked if the rivalry game would still be played this year. He responded with "I don't know." Then continues with,Where is the equity of Kentucky coming here in front of no fans, and then having to go to Rupp Arena in front of 21,000 fans?”

Once John Calipari got word of the news, he responded, “We are prepared to come to Louisville to play this season under the previously agreed upon terms, and we fully expect Louisville to honor the agreement with a return Game to Rupp Arena next season.”

Well, U of L took that bullet and out of nowhere dropped the Chris Mack video, in which had Twitter flipped UPSIDE DOWN.

Take a look:

My initial reaction was great. I absolutely loved this video from Louisville and I'm glad it got sent out. It helped give that rivalry a spark that it pretty much has lost since since Rick Pitino and the scandals left The Ville in 2017. Now all of the accusations of Kentucky backing out of a mutually agreed Dec. 12 game, that they also called ESPN to adjust Louisvilles schedule, and the UK Football team pushing the game back as season are all true or not, but that will all seep through the cracks over time.

Barely over two hours later, John Calipari responds to the video:

Well there you have it. Kentucky vs. Louisville is set for the day after Christmas.



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