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WATCH: DJ Wagner Pre-GLOBL JAM Presser

With another star-studded freshman lineup heading into an early preseason event, freshman stud DJ Wagner caught up with local media today to discuss what things are looking like for the Camden, New Jersey alum.

DJ started his media opportunity by taking media through the mind of a freshman as he begins workouts and practices with Kentucky. "It's been a fun experience so far. Just learning, just like, how things go around here and working everyday with my teammates had been pretty fun, and we're enjoying each other." Wagner went on to discuss the importance of the GLOBL JAM and its' role in providing a team aspect for the first time. "It's going to be good for us, you know? Being out there with each other on the court for the first time and just learning from each other... just playing with each other like we have been in practice so far, and it's pretty good competition out there so, it's going to be fun."

Wagner went on to say that Coach Calipari has yet to label him as a certain position, and that he trsuts what choices Calipari will make when it comes to on-ball vs off-ball basketball, then when asked about a lineup with other freshman superstar Rob Dillingham in the backcourt, responded by noting the duo plays off of each other well. Another important tidbit of information dropped in today's presser, Wagner mentioned that he has experienced being on teams before with high communication in the past and although he has had to adjust his pace. In addition to his transition from high school to college, Wagner mentioned there has not yet been a bad point of transition yet, and seemed to hint that he's fitting in his role very well.

You can find our interview with DJ Wagner below or on our YouTube channel, as well as the other players available for today's media opportunity as they prepare for a week in with our friends up north. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube as well as our other socials as we count down the days until the 2023 GLOBL JAM.


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