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WATCH: Jacob Toppin Impressive Dunk

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

It's nothing new on how much of a freak-athlete Jacob Toppin is with a basketball in his hand - which was one of the main reasons why he got the chance to play here in Lexington - and this offseason baseline dunk just provides more evidence of that.

He jokingly tagged former Murray State star and current Memphis Grizzlies guard Ja Morant in the tweet, to which Ja responded:

Jacob is expected to have another breakout season this year, and take another step up from who we were fortunate to even have last season as he originally had planned to redshirt but instead we were rewarded with maybe our 'sixth man on the roster' after the 9-16 struggles the team faced. It doesn't take long to become a leader on a John Calipari roster with the turnover margin being so high, and in just his second season here, he (along with Keion Brooks, Lance Ware and Dontaie Allen) is being looked at as one of the teams leaders to help with the incoming freshman and even the new transfers.

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