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WATCH: Kyra Elzy Draws Up Game-Winning Play (Video)

"The shot heard around the world." UK Sports Network radio play-by-play announcer, Darren Headrick, couldn't have said it any better.

It was a shot that will be remembered for decades to come. A shot that united the entire Big Blue Nation as they've rallied around this team all season long. Through the losses and through the 10-game winning streak that led them to their first SEC Title in 40 years.

This video captured by the SEC Network just moments before Dre Edwards hit the go-ahead shot to take down No. 1 South Carolina, paired with the audio of Darren Headrick on the radio makes a highlight reel that will be circulated through the depths of UK Twitter for years and years.

I must admit, I got a little teary-eyed watching this 937 times.

The TV version was almost as cool, too.


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