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WATCH: Louisville Interim President Says She Loves UK During UL Graduation Ceremony

(Picture Credit: Yahoo News)

It truly is hysterical how much content comes from the University down street, bringing much joy to Kentucky fans almost on a monthly basis now, continuously, over the last decade.

If you would've told me that someone from Kentucky sent a undercover UK fan into their athletic programs, and in different roles across campus and their job was to bring down the school from the inside, we'd be in the exact same position we're in now. Laughing at the joke of a school, labeled the University of Louisville. You honestly couldn't have made all of this up in a comedy book it's gotten so ridiculous.

On today's episode of what has gone wrong at Louisville

Interim UofL president, Lori Gonzalez, was fulfilling her role as president and was giving her speech to the graduating class of 2021 at the university, and said something I bet she wishes she would've skipped over.

"I love the University of Kentucky..." were the words uttered out of her mouth to a gymnasium full of Louisville grads. Imagine working your ass off for four long, stressful years and when it's your day to get your diploma you hear your president say she loves your rival school down the street, right to your face. Gut punching and resentful are the feelings that come to mind.

Keep in mind, they only have an interim president because their former President AND Athletic Director both announced they were taking positions at different schools ON THE SAME DAY... Just under two weeks ago. Granted, the very next day the Athletic Director announced he wasn't leaving, but we all know that was just a PR move, and guilted his way into staying.

*Cue the notecards*

For the thousandth time, this school is an absolute joke and it never stops bringing me joy.


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