WATCH: Rhyne Howard Congratulated By NBA Star

Updated: Feb 15

Kentucky basketball star Rhyne Howard is in the news again, and this time not for her stats on the basketball court. Today, the Kentucky Women’s basketball team released a video in which reveals a surprise: Klay Thompson sent Rhyne Howard a video congratulating her on scoring 2,000 career points at Kentucky, followed by Rhyne's reaction of her basketball idol.

"That was wonderful. Everyone around me knows how much I love [Klay Thompson], and how big of a fan I am of him."

Klay goes on to say that he would be watching her remaining games and that he would like to get to Lexington soon to shoot some hoops with her. You can watch the NBA star's video followed by Rhyne's reaction here:

Howard is the projected #1 WNBA Draft pick and could have potentially been the first pick last season had she been eligible. The pure excitement as she realizes her basketball idol is watching her is quite the scene as she pushes to become a star herself.