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WATCH: Take a look at the BBM intros

In a year where you can't have a 20,000 plus fans that pay to watch a practice, you've got to get creative in the things you do to put on a show back home.

Tonight the Kentucky Men's and Women's Basketball Teams aired the annual Big Blue Madness scrimmage, which was recorded Wednesday evening, and I have you covered on everything you missed.

The Women's Basketball team were introduced by their families, while the Men's Basketball team were introduced by former Wildcats. A new method Kentucky tried this year, that I'm sure you'd have a hard time hearing from someone who didn't like it.

Women's Intro:

Men's Intro:

Also, Kentucky dropped this mini documentary-like video of what it means to be #BuiltDifferent. My favorite of all three.

If you aren't ready to run through a wall after watching these, then I just don't know what to tell you.


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