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WATCH: Tour of Devin Booker's $3.2 Million Dollar Sonoran Desert Mansion

Devin Booker seems to be living the life out in Phoenix. He's led his team to a 48-10 record, which is currently number one in the Western Conference and also the best record in the NBA. He's dating model Kendall Jenner and is headed to his third NBA All-Star game this coming weekend. On top of all of that, he has his dream job of playing basketball for a living, and he is getting compensated pretty nice for it. This season, he'll make a base salary of $31,650,600 with an estimated endorsement revenue totaling around an additional $6 million.

When you're in that tier of financial status, your normal expenses are held to a completely different standard than for most of the people who watch him play on their TV's each night. Twenty-five year old Devin Booker has recently purchased a $3.2 million dollar mansion, in which he allowed Architectural Digest to post a video tour of his home. His house consists of a fancy pool, a huge guest house, an office in replacement of his old gaming room, and a cozy fireplace. The ten minute video is posted below on Youtube.

You know he's still rocking his Kentucky stuff wherever he goes, as he has UK themed pool balls in his man cave.

I also spotted some Kentucky sweatshirts in the top of his closet.

When John Calipari mentions his job is about changing kids lives, this is what he's talking about.


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