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Watch: Will Levis Stars In NIL Commercial

Will Levis, one of the hottest names in the SEC and in the city of Lexington, has just played the lead role in a commercial.

He, and co-star War of Will, were both featured in a commercial endorsing Claiborne Farm in Paris, Kentucky. Here, take a look for yourself.

While the details of this endorsement aren't known, I'll reiterate the fact that this has to be the coolest endorsement deals out right now. Highlighting the pride of the Commonwealth in horse racing, mixed with the future of Kentucky football. With the opening weekend of Keeneland being this weekend, it was absolutely the most perfect time to release this video.

And as many of you probably expected, Will did pretty solid acting job in his short stunt with the cameras. I'm excited to see this series continue throughout the offseason.

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