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Welcome To Cats Courtside!

Silence down, silence down. I have some news for you. First off, thanks for being here. It means you care about Cats Coverage or you secretly want to see us fail. Either one is fine, you won't be the first in either of those categories. But anyways, we have a new podcast within the operations of this thing so give us a few minutes of your day.

Let me introduce to you, Cats Courtside. The official basketball podcast of the Cats Coverage outlet where we take you through the ins-and-outs of Kentucky Basketball and go courtside for your Cats. Yep, see what we did there? Exactly.

Myself and Michael Epps will be your hosts for the podcast. Unfortunately for you, you already know who I am, but for Michael, he's new to the CC world of the internet and is currently employed by Fox 56 right in town. So he's a local guy, covers UK, and has some basketball takes to share with you this season. In the intro to the podcast, he introduces himself a little to allow you to get to know him. Make sure you follow him online as well!

With Big Blue Madness being less than two days away, we couldn't think of a better time to announce the news. We've also already gotten episode one out the gate as we give a BBM preview and quick recap the Globl Jam trip up in Canada. Go give it a watch on our YouTube channel, subscribe while you are there if you don't mind, and give us a follow on the bird app as well so you can keep up with our coverage all season long and be notified when the next episode drops!



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