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Where Does Kentucky Stand At Wide Receiver 1 Week Before Kickoff?

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Liam Coen took to the media this afternoon after finishing practice to give an update on the way things are looking after fall camp. The offensive coordinator went into depth about which players will make an impact early on in the 2023 bout including true freshman Anthony Brown. Without saying too much, Coen mentioned that Brown had a leg up on the other freshman receivers partially due to being on campus in the spring and becoming 'a different kid'.

After making a noticeable practice for BBN to witness at the 2023 UK Fan Day, it became more and more obvious that the coaching staff had true potential from a young receiver not named Barion Brown or Dane Key, but what about the rest of the receivers? The former Los Angeles Rams offensive coordinator made it apparent that the other freshman receivers haven't quite earned their spots and suggested that may carry on as we kick off the season and the weeks following. Coen also pointed out the fact that the ability of a young player to stay healthy plays a huge role in not what dictates a players' spot on a rotation. So, will Anthony Brown crack the rotation? Liam Coen believes so. "He'll give us reps and be able to get into the rotation, but for the rest of those guys it's still a work in progress trying to get better every day."

What about the rest of the receiving core? We know what star receivers Barion Brown and Dane Key will bring to the table, but Tayvion Robinson and Dekel Crowdus have both been question marks in the offseason and according to both offensive coordinator Liam Coen and Vince Marrow Crowdus is a player of NEED for 2023. According to Coen, staying consistent has been the roadblock for the sophomore out of Fredrick Douglass.

Tight ends coach Vince Marrow believes freshman Khamari Anderson is a member of the tight end room that would've recently been a starter as-is if it weren't for the depth at the position. Anderson, the 6-5, 238 pound freshman out of Detroit, Michigan, will be playing in a room loaded with talent in Brenden Bates, Josh Kattus, Jordan Dingle and Izayah Cummings. Is this the year we see the tight ends get involved in a way we haven't seen yet in the Stoops era? Both Liam Coen and Vince Marrow even hinted at a potential 14 personnel setup that would create a tight end friendly offense if it were in use. Not to mention, Bates spent his offseason shedding weight to become more of a pest in the passing lanes rather than just a blocker. After being up to 270 pounds at one point, the senior from Cincinatti is down to 251 pounds.

So what do you think, BBN? Does Kentucky play a tight end heavy offense? Will a certain few players figure things out before next weekend? If you want to check out the pressers during time spent with media today, check HERE where yours truly forgot his tripod but still managed to kick ass. Go Cats!!

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