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Wildcats Move Up In The AP Rankings During Bye Week

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

The 6-1 Wildcats definitely won the “bye” week after coming off of their loss to the Georgia Bulldogs last Saturday. The new Coaches Poll has the Wildcats moving up two positions to #12th overall. This is probably thanks in part to losses by teams such as Coastal Carolina and Penn State and maybe even due to Wake Forest allowing Army to put up 56 points in that game.

Here is the list of the top 25 in the coaches poll:

Coaches Top 25 Poll Week 9

  1. Georgia

  2. Cincinnati

  3. Alabama

  4. Oklahoma

  5. Ohio State

  6. Michigan

  7. Michigan State

  8. Oregon

  9. Ole Miss

  10. Iowa

  11. Notre Dame

  12. Kentucky

  13. Wake Forest

  14. Texas A&M

  15. Oklahoma State

  16. SMU

  17. Penn State

  18. Baylor

  19. Pittsburgh

  20. San Diego State

  21. Auburn

  22. UT-San Antonio

  23. Iowa State

  24. Coastal Carolina

  25. North Carolina State

However, ESPN’s power rankings has the Wildcats remaining in the No. 14 spot during the bye week and even though I don’t understand how with teams in the top 15 losing this week and Kentucky not even playing, the CBS power rankings dropped the Wildcats two spots to No. 16.

Most importantly though is the AP (associated press) rankings and they sided with ESPN and their rankings and have the Wildcats in the No. 12 spot as well! Kentucky has been as high as No. 11 in the AP poll and with a win at Miss State next week the Cats could potentially crack the top 10 for the first time this season as they become 7-1.


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