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Will Levis Is A "True Kentuckian"

It is no secret that Kentucky quarterback Will Levis has been enjoying success both on and off the football field over recent weeks. He's done extremely well in the NIL world ever since the name, image, and likeness bill passed. Recently he has partnered with several businesses that include UK Blue Chips (a company that is built on reimagining the fan experience for UK Athletics which involves exclusive content, experiences, and NFTs), Shady Rays (a KY branded sunglasses company), Brita, Paul Miller Ford (local dealership), with the latest company being endorsed by Will Levis as none other than Ale-8-One (Kentucky's favorite soda).

Levis is definitely embracing the 'Kentucky Proud' lifestyle and that is one of the many reasons that the Big Blue Nation has fallen in love with the Penn State transfer.

Yes, he is good at football and has helped bring Kentucky football into the national spotlight. However, he is much more than just that. Will Levis is the kind of person/player that will stay after practice to meet and greet Kentucky fans and sign autographs for them. One might say, "isn't that expected out of our student athletes?", and yes for the most part it is, but with the busy schedules that student athletes have with class, practice, training, etc., it can be extremely tough for them to work into their daily schedules.

To me, I believe it is extremely important to recognize that this state has something really special in Will Levis and I'm beyond happy for all the success that is coming his way. Whether that be winning football games or signing endorsement deals, he deserves every single bit of it.



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