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Will Levis Signs Six Figure NIL Deal

We’re now living in a world where you can go to school, be the big man on campus, win ball games and make a lot of money. Dream life isn’t it? A career at Kentucky looks more and more appealing by the week.

Kentucky quarterback, Will Levis, just led his team to a 10-win season including a Bowl victory during his first ever starting job. Now, it seems to be the case that he’s getting rewarded off the field too.

Grand Slam Collectibles has announced that they are signing Levis to a NIL deal worth $100,000 “guaranteed.” This appears to be the largest collectibles deal to date by a college athlete.

Businesses are seeing financial value in student athletes and want to invest into their future as the players are investing into programs for them as a fan.

Now, two UK football players have signed six figure deals within the last four months. Mind blowing but so cool to see. This state sure cares a lot about their football.


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