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Will Levis Speaks At SEC Media Days

Three players went down to Atlanta along with Mark Stoops for this year's trip of SEC Media Days where all 14 teams bring representatives to get the media and eyes across the country geared up for the upcoming season for the conference. Arguably Kentucky's most popular player - and most talented - Will Levis, was brought up on stage first as he conducted an interview with the media from all across the conference. He had a lot to say as reporters flocked him with questions, so, let's run through them real quick.

On what he wants the rest of the country to know about him as a quarterback and what kind of identity he wants his team to have, he said, "I think that what I'd want them to know is that everyday I try to represent the state and the school the best that I can, cause I know that as the quarterback I am a huge representation of them, so, to make sure that all the guys I am leading, including myself, are doing the right things and have things in order to reach our ultimate goal of being back here (Atlanta) in December."

He continues with, "The indentity of our team has been the same since coach Stoops has been here and I've bought into the indentity, which is, we've got that underdog mentality regardless of where our projections are, and we are going to have that same mentality whether we are first or last place. I think as long as we have that the things are going to go well for us and we are just going to keep working to take the next step which is, like I said, to be in Atlanta for the SEC Championship."

Will was asked what he thought are the three most important traits a quarterback needs to have to succeed in this conference as he said he believed that those three were confidence, work ethic and leadership.

Growing up in Connecticut, Will Levis says he was always a fan of Boston and Tom Brady and admired him as he played football. "That's someone who embodies everything I just talked about. That's why I love and respect the man so much. I got to meet him a couple months ago which was really incredible and was hard to contain myself."

Playing with a teammate like Kavosiey Smoke, Levis says, "Smoke's an awesome dude. We have such a deep running back room it's incredible. And what's best about it is all of them keep great attitudes and understand they're all going to make plays and our coaches are going to put them in positions to succeed. There's not a lot of anomosicity between them on who is going to get snaps and who is not."

As the summer continues, QB1 says he his interceptions from last season stick out on the stat sheet to him and that he wants to lower them this year. “I want to lower them and that starts with decision making. Getting more reps and trusting getting the backs the ball in the backfield."

When asked what his lowest point of last season was, he mentioned that it came after the three straight losses that took place in the later part of the season after starting the year off 6-0. "We needed to make sure that after each one of those losses that our mindset didn't change, and that we weren't going to point fingers and were going to continue trusting the process and working towards what our goals were that were still in play."

On reaching 10 wins last year and what fans are expecting out of this program nowadays, he talks about the new standard that's been set and how high of goals they have. "The teams before us have done a great job to put us in the position that we are now but we want to be the team that was known to take that next step to get into that next echelon of prowess in college football. And we were so close last year. Really just a couple drives away from making it a one loss season. We know that it is possible and that if we do the right things it is a possibility."

On making the decision this summer to return to Kentucky and not enter the NFL Draft, Will was asked what that process was like. "I didn't really pay attention to kind of what scouts were really saying until after the season, to be honest, with the kind of season that I had I didn't think it was going to be hard decision at all I thought I was going to come back and play another year. But, after talking to some people and doing my due dilligance, it was something that I had to think a little harder about than I would have anticipated, but, for me it was pretty easy because I know that I can get so much better as a player at this level before I take that next step and I want to make sure that when I do take that next step I am as prepared as possible. I knew that I had alot of things I needed to get better at and getting more experience and having another year starting under my belt would help me for that. That's really what it came down to, regardless of the projections or where I was going to go, I want to make sure that I am in the best position on a personal performance level before I take it professionally."

Will Levis was without a doubt one of the most sought out players in attendance this year and his popularity and hype continue to grow week by week which we will see roll over into this season. I'm excited for what's to come as we have a confident and experienced starting quarterback, paired up with QB guru and new offensive coordinator, Rich Scangarello, with both having expectations that are through the roof for this fall.


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