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Zvonimir Ivisic Has Been Admitted To The University Of Kentucky

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Zvonimir Ivisic, the "Croation sensation" as some have been calling him, has been officially admitted to the school as of today, per a report. The news was broke by Ben Roberts of the Herald Leader, in which you can read his story here.

After weeks and weeks of frustration from all parties, it looks like we're finally making some progress. "Big Z", who is already verbally committed and officially signed, has just been trying to get himself eligible to get into the University of Kentucky this whole time. After some failed tests, some back-and-forths, many rumors, there must have been a green light somewhere because you can now find him in the school directory with a school associated email for students only. Trust me, I've had one myself, it was such a relief to see that because only enrolled students get one created. It's no longer just rumors!

While the team starts to prepare for Big Blue Madness, their first few exhibitions, and then even the early non-conference matchup with Kansas, they'll need to get Zvonimir incorporated and in routine shape where he's missed months of team workouts and practices. While he's very talented and a promising prospect, he's still behind on team chemistry, the playbook, and the overall Kentucky system and he'll need to get thrown into that the first second he gets a chance to.

I don't think there's much pressure on him being a starter from day one, those minutes will come, but it's just this process of getting him here has been so drawn out and has felt like not much progress has came during it. Anyways, today was amazing news and it showed great progression in this process of getting a high-caliber international recruit onto campus, hopefully paving the way for more in the future.

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