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Zvonimir Ivisic To Arrive On Campus Thursday

It's hard to believe, but it's finally happening. Big Z is officially arriving on campus after all this time. Seth Greenberg, college basketball analyst for ESPN, replied to a question from a UK fan on Twitter shortly after he made his arrival to town on Tuesday, asking if he knew anything on the recruit from Croatia.

The fan asked if he knew anything on if Zvonimir would be in town for Big Blue Madness Friday evening, and it looks like he plans to be.

After being verbally committed since August 1, in the two plus months he's yet to meet his teammates in person. Not just that, he's not even got the opportunity to make it inside the United States because of the circus show around his college eligibility. Just a week ago today, he was finally admitted to the university and ultimately given the green light to start making his way to the states to come play basketball, and of course, attend school.

Signed to the program in mid-August, a relieved John Calipari took to social media to express his feelings regarding the decision of the school to admit Ivisic.

"I can’t tell you how happy I am with how this all turned out. The work was done by Big Z and his family. For him to be persistent and keep fighting was so impressive and it showed how badly he wanted to be a part of our team! He overcame all obstacles and just wouldn’t be deterred. When we started recruiting Z, my mind started moving to how we can help our University become even more prominent worldwide. This basketball program is a global brand and now we can continue to open new avenues for students to come to the University of Kentucky. Let’s continue to pursue some of the best basketball players in the world and showcase what a great institution the University of Kentucky is!" said the head coach.

So if you see a 7-footer dressed in UK gear for the first time during the Big Blue Madness event Friday, make him feel welcomed because as you know, it wasn't the easiest process for this staff to make happen. Now we can move on and look towards the season, seeing what this team is all about.

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